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  Adam Gable was your average well-loved teenager who seemed to excel at whatever he put his heart into. Sports, music, school. Especially music. He always had the love and support of his family, especially his mother Katherine. She really seemed to understand him. This gave him tremendous stability. His father, a police officer was often busy with work, but when he was home it was truly heaven. Adam really had the perfect life until that dreadful night when everything changed. It was one of those typical nights when everyone was busy and caught up with their own lives and daily routines. Adam was excited getting ready to go up to the lake with his girlfriend Suzie. Adam’s dad Joseph was caught up with schoolwork, and Adam’s mother was working after hours on an important insurance case. No one had time for each other because life just seemed to get in the way. When a careless drunk driver crashes into Katherine and kills her, Adam and Joseph’s lives would never be the same. Adam turns on God and his faith out of pain and anger, while Joseph turns on himself and drowns his sorrows in the bottle. 

As the years go by Joseph now a detective, spends most of his time trying to find Adam and save his soul. Adam wants nothing to do with God, Joseph or his preaching ways. The only thing Adam holds on to from his past is his music, which has a much darker tone. 

Throughout our story there is a mysterious dark stranger who keeps showing up in Joseph and Adam’s lives. He has shown up all through Joseph’s life temping and taunting him whenever he gets weak. We learn that the stranger is Satan and he is after Adams soul.

Conversely there is another mysterious person who keeps showing up to help and guide Joseph and Adam. This is the Archangel Michael. There is war on between good and evil and Joseph is fighting to not only save his sons soul before it’s too late, but his own.

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